Family Time at Blue Mountain


This Fall, we had the pleasure of hosting Laura Haigh and her family at 106 Birch View Trail.
Laura spent a staycation with her two kids and her husband, Dan.

She brought to light the importance of having family time in a private stay and how important it is to share that time together. During their time at the Blue Mountains, Laura and her family visited the village and took full advantage of the amenities and space of the chalet, but for sure, the best part for her kids was the hot tub!

“Our favourite part? The hot tub! Our chalet had our very own private back deck and hot tub. As much as the kids loved running around and playing hide-and-go-seek in any of the 5 bedrooms, the hot tub was definitely their favourite amenity as well!”
– Laura Haigh

The kids loved to play around! They enjoyed playing with their dad in the Hot Tub, watching cartoons on our big screen TVs and even helping Laura improve her Yoga movements at our fitness room! Laura’s husband, Dan, also spent some time in the fitness room with the Peloton bike and a fantastic view of the tennis court and the mountains.

Every chalet is complete with great amenities and fully equipped, so your family can have all the space and everything they need during your stay – which makes Stay at Blue Mountain much better and more economical than any hotel.

Visit Laura’s website and take a look at her whole experience staying with us!