Here's a handy list of what to do in Blue Mountain during your stay here!

What to Do in Blue Mountain

If you’ve never visited, you might not be aware that Ontario’s Blue Mountains is a fantastic four-season attraction. There is something to do in the Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring.

We are here to accommodate you with great places to stay for family and friends to enjoy all that the Blue Mountains has to offer year-round.

What to Do in Blue Mountain in Winter

Just to let you know what to expect if you do want to ski or snowboard, you can enjoy 43 trails, including something for skiers of all ages and skill levels, including lessons and complete equipment rentals.

And that’s just where the fun starts. Here are just a few more winter activities and events you can enjoy.

  • Snowshoe Tours – Choose to take an H1 Hummer to the top of the Niagara Escarpment and enjoy a guided snowshoe tour along the beautiful trails. Or try the Snowshoe and Wine Tasting Tour.
  • Snowmobile Tours – Prefer to get around by snowmobile? Take a guided tour along OFSC trails or check out the snowmobile dinner tour.
  • Winter Caving – Looking for something completely different? Explore the natural wonders and caves of the Niagara Escarpment on a guided tour. All equipment and transportation is provided.

But Blue Mountain is a year-round destination and there’s just as much to do in summer. Or more.

What to Do in Blue Mountain in Summer

Where do we begin?! Here is just a small sampling of things to do in Blue Mountain during the warmer months of the year.

  • Golf – Challenge yourself to a round on the award-winning Monterra Golf course. Get the whole family into the swing of things on the Cascade Putting Course at the foot of the Mountain.
  • Water Sports – Whether you want to jet ski on Georgian Bay, or enjoy a more leisurely paddle boat, canoe or kayak, there’s lots of safe, guided fun on the water at Blue Mountain.
  • Mountaintop Segway Tours – Of course, there’s lots of great hiking trails throughout the area. But if you want to add a little spin to your hike, there’s nothing quite like a segway tour along the top of the Escarpment. Don’t worry, it’s a guided tour and your guide will make sure you’re confident on the Segway.
  • Elvis Festival Collingwood – if you didn’t know, it’s the largest Elvis Festival of its kind in the world! You won’t want to miss this.
  • Centurion Blue Mountain – the cycling event of the year! Whether you’re a cyclist or just enjoy watching from the sidelines. Centurion Cycling is the ultimate sports event of the summer.

There’s lots more to do in and around Blue Mountain all year round. No matter why you visit, if you’re looking for chalet accommodations for large groups, Contact Us at Stay at Blue Mountain.


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