Hiking Near Toronto: The Best Trails In Blue Mountain

Wondering where the best hiking trails are in Blue Mountain? Today's blog post by Stay at Blue Mountain lists some choices for you.

If you’re looking for some great hiking near Toronto, you’re only an hour and a half away from Blue Mountain’s hiking trails and series of multi-use trails. If you’ve never hiked anywhere along the Niagara Escarpment, get ready for a whole new level of challenge and enjoyment.

Blue Mountain’s Hiking Trails

Starting with four dedicated trails for hiking that you can easily access from Activity Central in The Village, not far from Blue Mountain chalets for rent, or from Scenic Caves Rd. and Swiss Meadows Blvd at the top of the Mountain, the area’s trails range from “Easy” to “Advanced”. 

The four dedicated hiking trails include:

  • Memory Lane – An easy .5 kilometre route through the forest near the top of the Mountain.
  • Straight-Up – If you’re looking for a great workout in the shortest possible time and route, Straight Up is an intermediate hike that leads, like the name says, straight up the Mountain for just short of 1 km.
  • Cascade – Similar to Straight Up, you can go from the foot of the Mountain to the peak through 1.2 kms of mostly forested areas on Cascade, which is rated as an intermediate trail.
  • Village Way – At 1.3 kms, the intermediate Village Way is the longest of them all as it meanders from Activity Central up the Mountain to meet up with two mixed-use, hiking and biking trails.

Other hiking options at Blue Mountain include:

  • Columbia Guided Hikes – Join a group of like-minded hikers and learn more about your surroundings on these guided tours that leave from Columbia Sports in The Village every morning at 10:30 am during the months of July & August.
  • Mixed-Use Hike & Bike trails – There are eight mixed-use trails ranging from the easy .6 km Pathway to Village, to the advanced 2.5 km Cagey.

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