Centurion Cycling

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Every Rider Can Enjoy The Centurion Blue Mountain Event

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to ride in a proper, well-organized bicycle race? But you haven’t ridden a bike since you were 11? Then Centurion Blue Mountain is for you.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to ride in a real bike race, supervised and organized, and part of a full weekend bicycle festival in Blue Mountain? And you ride every day and pretend you’re in the home stretch in a stage in the Tour de France as you get close to work? Then Centurion Blue Mountain is for you too.

Centurion Blue Mountain is for All Cyclists

When Graham Fraser conceived the idea of Centurion Cycling in 2009 he wanted to develop cycling events that offered a safe and fun environment and included riders of all levels of riding and fitness. This meant that cyclists who raced regularly, and those who never raced before, or haven’t even ridden in a while, could come together for an enjoyable cycling event.

The idea gave birth to Centurion Cycling’s motto of “Racers Race, Riders Ride”.

The 2018 Centurion Blue Mountain Cycling Event

While The Blue Mountains has hosted Centurion Cycling events in previous years, the 2018 event promises to be the best ever, and not just because of its exploding popularity.

In response to feedback from cyclists, the 2018 event has a stated goal of improving the riders’ experience. The result is many more distance and ability options for riders, with routes ranging from 40 kms to 120 kms.

And there’s lots more that’s new and exciting about the 2018 event:

  • Redesigned True Grit gravel rides
  • Registration discounts
  • Feed stations on route
  • OPP traffic control
  • Industry-leading medical and mechanical support

So if you’d like to experience the world of bicycle racing, or just go along for the ride, why not treat yourself to a fully-equipped chalet right next to Blue Mountain? Contact Stay at Blue Mountain to learn more.