Scandinave Spa at Blue Mountain

Relax in the scandinave spa blue mountain and then stay over at Stay At Blue Mountain

Indulge Yourself at The Scandinave Spa at Blue Mountain

You hear so much about all of the different things there are to do in the area. But none are quite like what you’ll experience at the Scandinave Spa at Blue Mountain.

Let’s set the stage for you. If you look for the Scandinave Spa on a map, you’ll notice it’s not really close to a road. That’s because it’s set in the midst of the a forest, but just minutes from Blue Mountain Village and downtown Collingwood.

Opened in 2006, Scandinave Spa offers guests the energizing and relaxing effects of hydrotherapy, delivered in the Finnish tradition that dates back thousands of years. Guests can relax in the baths that alternate between hot, cold and relaxing. The baths help relieve stress, improve skin appearance, soothe muscles, calm the organs and boost blood circulation.

The Three Stages of Scandinave Spa Baths

The three stages of the Bath experience are: warming the body, cooling the body and relaxation.

  • The Warming – This is everyone’s favourite stage because of the relaxing effect of the warm water. The temperature dilates your blood vessels which brings oxygen and nutrients to the surface of your skin and your muscles, and reduces your blood pressure.
  • The Cooling – Don’t get too relaxed in the warm baths because you’ll need to be ready for the cooling stage. The use of cold water is meant to flush toxins from the skin and further promote circulation.
  • The Relaxing – After alternating between the hot and cold baths, it’s time to get your body back to normal in relaxing temperatures. You can choose to rest in a solarium, sit by a stoked fire or recline in a hammock.

After 15 minutes of relaxing, it’s time to start the Bath experience all over again.

The Scandinave Spa at Blue Mountain is just one of the unique experiences you can enjoy in the Collingwood area. If you are looking for exceptional accommodations for a group of friends, family, or for a business retreat, please Contact Us at Stay at Blue Mountain.