4 Cool Things to Do During an Extended Stay at Blue Mountain

Things to do at Blue Mountain | Stay at Blue Mountain

Most people visit Blue Mountain for a particular reason. In winter, they may come to ski or snowmobile. In summer, they might come for a festival, or for boating on Georgian Bay.

Unfortunately, most of those reasons for visiting mean that people don’t often stay for very long. But, among the many other attractions and activities it offers, there’s lots to do during an extended stay at Blue Mountain. Here are just a few.

1. Learn to Cook

Of course, there are lots of great restaurants in the area. But imagine visiting Blue Mountain to learn or brush up on your cooking skills.  Then you can prepare your own culinary creations in your chalet, and enjoy them on the deck.

The Collingwood Cooking Academy features a wide range of cooking classes, from ‘Cooking 101’ to ‘Thai Experience’. Every class is designed for a small group so you can actually plan a learn-to-cook vacation with your family and friends.

2. Take a Brewery Bus Tour

Here’s another one you can enjoy in a group or on your own. The Beer Bus Company offers tours that chauffeur you to over 40 local breweries, cideries and wineries. Lead by savvy guides who will take you places you might not find on your own, Beer Bus Tours can be booked online 24/7. You can join a group tour or setup your own private tour.

3. Discover the Horse Whispering Experience

Do you love horses? Enjoy this rare opportunity to connect with them on a new level. Under the guidance of expert horsewoman, Marina Wright, you will learn to safely tap into the horse’s natural instincts. When you do, you’ll bring out their innate ability to move in perfect harmony with you. And you’ll do it at ‘liberty’, which means there no ropes or restraints on the horse.

4. Go Spelunking

The unique geography of the Blue Mountain area offers more than great skiing. There are a number of caves, caverns and trails hidden throughout the area. Scenic Caves Nature Adventures offers guided tours that take you deep inside the mountain. There you’ll discover a labyrinth of caves and crevices, including the ice cave, which is so deep, you’ll find snow and ice there into the early summer.

We’ve barely scratched the surface of the many fun and exciting things you can do during an extended stay at Blue Mountain. If you would like to enjoy any of them in a group of family or friends, or as a corporate bonding experience, check out the premium chalets we offer here at Stay at Blue Mountain.