5 Things You Might Not Have Considered for Your Company Retreat

Things to consider at a company retreat | Stay at Blue Mountain

From improved employee motivation and morale, to team building and rewarding your people for a job well done, the benefits of a corporate retreat are many. That means that good planning for your company retreat is crucial if you’re to reap all the rewards it offers.

But that’s a lot easier said than done. From competing priorities between departments to different dietary requirements between employees, successful planning for a company retreat is not a simple task.

Fortunately, due to the popularity of corporate retreats, you can find lots of great online tips to help your planning.

5 Company Retreat Planning Tips You Might Not Think About

Our chalets here at Stay at Blue Mountain are the setting for many company retreats every year. With its mix of mother nature and creature comforts, Blue Mountain is a great location for company retreats.

So we thought we’d scour different online tips for retreat planning and pick out a few that businesses don’t always consider.

1. Plan the Event Outside the Office

from 6 Things to Consider When Planning a Business Retreat”.

Advice: “Disrupting the company’s ordinary routine may help usher in new ways of working together. You may want to avoid any distractions during your retreat—consider picking someplace where your team can relax and learn new ways of communicating and collaborating.”

2. Find a Good Place to Work

from 5 Tips to Make the Most of Your Company Retreat.

Advice: “Remote workers understand the challenge of coming by dependable internet outside an office environment. Finding a relatively quiet place with decent internet (and decent coffee) can be quite the treasure hunt.”

3. Find an Accessible Outdoor Spot

from 5 Tips to Plan a Remarkably Productive Company Retreat.

Advice: “Locations that offer a myriad of outdoor activities are hugely popular. The Huffington Post reports that connections with nature have been proven to improve an employee’s performance at work.”

4. The Power of Fun

from 5 Tips for an Effective Team Retreat.

Advice: “Get creative when planning activities for your team retreat. Don’t settle for the same old, same old. Consider where you will be holding the retreat, what equipment or resources are available to you, what your employees are interested in and plan around these factors.”

5. Never Underestimate the Importance of Food

from 7 Tips for a Stellar Company Retreat.

Advice: “This may be the single most significant element in a successful retreat. If the food is terrible, people will droop and look for the exits, but if the food is the tastiest you can afford, folks will suddenly be happy to hang around and bond. If you have to cut anything from the budget, don’t let it be the food.”

There you have it. To learn more about planning a company retreat, or to book one of our well-appointed chalets in Blue Mountain for your next retreat, contact Stay at Blue Mountain, today.