Try This Fun Quiz of Interesting Blue Mountain Facts

Fun Quiz of Interesting Blue Mountain Facts | Stay at Blue Mountain

What would happen if you walked more or less straight south along the ridge that runs atop the Blue Mountains near Collingwood?

You’d end up walking across the precipice of Niagara Falls!

Of course, Blue Mountain attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year, all year round. Many of those visit year after year too. Some come for the skiing, some for the boating, and others come looking for Elvis.

But we bet lots of them might not know the answers to all the questions below.

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Who is Mayor of the town of The Blue Mountains?

Answer: John F. McKean. But municipal elections are scheduled for October 22nd, 2018, and Mayor McKean has decided not to seek reelection.

When was the last time a tornado passed through Blue Mountain?

Answer: A category F2 tornado tracked through Craigleith, at the foot of Blue Mountain on August 20, 2009.

Multiple Choice!

Blue Mountain Resort is the largest mountain village resort in Ontario. It’s best known for its winter skiing. The Resort employs 420 people year-round. How many times more people are employed for the winter season versus the summer season.

a. 3
b. 6
c. 9

Answer: A (approximately 1200 added winter employees and 300 added summer employees.)

Water sort of ladder is permanently in place in the heart of Thornbury?

It’s almost directly across the road from the municipal offices for the town of The Blue Mountains.

Answer: A fish ladder. The Fishway, which helps spawning salmon and trout head up the Beaver River from Georgian Bay. Interestingly, The Fishway has earned a lofty 4.3 rating (out of 5) on Google. But we’re not quite sure how one rates a fish ladder, unless you ask the fish.

What is the approximate vertical drop of the ski hills on Blue Mountain?

Answer: 220 metres – The Blue Mountains run along the Niagara Escarpment. But the Escarpment must grow as it heads north from the Falls. The vertical drop at the Falls is about 50 metres.

Here’s one last one.

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