What Size Snowboard Do I Need?

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If you’re thinking about getting into snowboarding, it is a fun, exhilarating and very social activity. And choosing a snowboard that’s the right size is crucial if you want to enjoy all that snowboarding offers.

But answering the question of “what size snowboard do I need?” does not always have a direct answer. The traditional starting point for choosing board length is to find one that comes up to your chin when you are standing and it is on end. You can’t go wrong using that rule of thumb. But many other factors can affect the perfect snowboard length for you.

How to Choose the Right-Sized Snowboard

The following are among the factors that can affect the length of snowboard you choose.

  1. Your Body Weight & Height – While the “chin” rule generally works, your body type can mean the right board for you may need to be longer or shorter. Generally, higher body weights or heights require longer boards. But what if you have a lanky or stocky build? Use a snowboard size chart for both height and weight. Find the size that’s right for your weight and the one that’s right for your height. The difference between the two is the size range of board you should use.  
  2. Snowboard Width – Depending on your boot size, you may need a wider or narrower board. The snowboard boot’s length should closely match the width of the board at its narrowest point. 
  3. Your Level of Ability – Beginners should start with standard snowboard widths and lengths. Not only do they work well for more people, they offer you a “baseline” for choosing different lengths as your abilities and personal preferences change.

    As you progress, you’ll prefer different types of riding. If you like it all, all-mountain snowboards are the way to go. Mountain boards are among the most popular due to their versatility. If you like hits on every box, a freestyle board on the lower end of your size range is good. And if you like going off-trail, a longer free ride board is the ticket.

As you gain more skill and experience, you will find other elements that affect snowboard size, including snow conditions and higher speeds. If you’re ever wondering about what to do in Blue Mountain, snowboarding is always a great choice.  

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