Why Blue Mountain is Such a Popular Ski Destination

What the experience of skiing at Blue Mountain is like

Talk to anyone who has visited Blue Mountain and they will tell you about the wide range of different activities they enjoyed. From unforgettable culinary experiences to spelunking, you can come back year after year and never do the same thing twice.

That said, there’s no denying that Blue Mountain is and always will be synonymous with skiing. Before the development of the Blue Mountain Ski resort, the area was just a nice, scenic corner of Ontario.

What Makes Blue Mountain a Popular Ski Destination?

The answer to that question might seem obvious. You can’t have a popular ski resort without great skiing.

But Blue Mountain is the third most popular ski destination in Canada. So what makes it stand out as a resort.

  1. Lots of Skiing Options for Everyone – We can’t have a list of reasons why Blue Mountain is so popular for skiing without starting with, well, skiing. Even regular visitors may not realize there are 42 ski trails at Blue Mountain, many of them equipped for night skiing.
    Beginners can get expert ski instruction and rent all the equipment they need. All skiers can choose to ride trails of varying difficulty, from ‘easy’ to ‘expert only’, including gladed, off-piste skiing. If you like to freestyle ski or snowboard, there are over 10 terrain parks for you to get your fix.
  2. The Village – At the foot of Mountain lies the pedestrian-only Village. When the skiing is done, you can take in live music, do some shopping or enjoy a great meal and refreshments.
  3. Excellent Accommodations – You can choose to stay in resort accommodations right in the Village. Or you can enjoy one of the beautiful, well-appointed chalets that surround the Mountain. In any case, couples, families, groups of friends or those attending a corporate retreat will find the accommodations very much to their liking.

To learn more about enjoying the ski destination that is Blue Mountain, including premium chalet rentals, get in touch with Stay at Blue Mountain.